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Ali Cagdas Tuna is a futures and options trader based in Turkey, currently employed at Alp Consultancy. He has been trading since 2005 and during that time has had the opportunity to work with multiple CTAs.
April 3rd, 2012


‘June T-Bonds (ZBM2) settled at 138*00 up 8 ticks from Friday’s close.Total estimated volume has been 286.330 open interest up 2747 contracts to 569.131 picking up with price.

Bonds have been trading pretty volatile since Friday’s afternoon session.ZBM2 fell sharply from 139*05 to 137*07 almost 2 full points in less then 24 hours.My view for global equity markets is that we’re about to enter a retracement period.This builds a demand for safe heaven products like US Treasuries.

Economic Events

Redbook at 07:55

Factory Orders at 09:00 ( Exp:1,5 % Pre : – 1,0 % )

FOMC Minutes at 13:00 (March Meeting)


San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank Pres. John Williams participates in San Francisco University Symposium at 15:05
Technically as you can see in daily chart Bonds making a new trend line and bounce from that line is very important.RSI indicator gaining strength which is a bullish signal.Daily close above triangle will target 140-141 area.Support levels 137*31-137*06 resistance levels 138*22-139*17

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart


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