30 Year T Bond AM Technical Analysis Report

bondtradingAbout Harry van Beuningen
Trade futures based on the 30 Year Treasury Bond (symbol zb), utilizing 5 and 30 minute charts. I use the Williams AO Oscillator in combination with AGET StoRSI and MACD to generate entry signals. Very short term trades, averaging 5 to 6 signals a day.

March 29th, 2012


On today’s economic calendar:-

08:30 GDP (3.0%) and Jobless Claims (350K) and Corporate Profits

10:15 Fed Outright Treasury Coupon Sales up to $8.75 billion

11:00 Kansas City Fed Mfg Index

11:00 3 & 6 Month & 52 Week Bill Announcements

13:00 7 Year Note Auction

15:00 Farm Prices

16:30 Fed Balance Sheet and Money Supply

Speaking today:-

12:15 Dennis Lockhart

12:45 Ben Bernanke

13:00 Charles Plosser

18:45 Jeffrey Lacker

Prices were positive overnight and the 30 minute trend chart, which was chopped yesterday, remains bullish. A close below 138’02 will flip this bearish. Looking at a slightly longer time frame, 240 minutes, the trend is also positive. This would support the rally continuing at least to the 139’05 level.

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart


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