30 Year T Bond AM Technical Analysis Report

bondtradingAbout Harry van Beuningen
Trade futures based on the 30 Year Treasury Bond (symbol zb), utilizing 5 and 30 minute charts. I use the Williams AO Oscillator in combination with AGET StoRSI and MACD to generate entry signals. Very short term trades, averaging 5 to 6 signals a day.

March 20th, 2012

On the economic calendar today:-

07:45 ICSC-Goldman Store Sales

08:30 Housing Starts

08:55 Redbook

11:30 4 Week Bill Auction

Speaking today:-

12:45 Bernanke

17:30 Kocherlakota

Fed Outright Treasury Coupon Purchases up to $2.25 billion commencing at 10:15

Prices rebounded overnight, but not enough to turn the 30 minute trend chart positive, that needs a close above 136’06.

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart














Trading is taking place in a narrow band, between 137’00 on the upside, and 135’05 on the downside.

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart














Short term, we could expect 136’09 (61.8%) to provide some resistance on the upside, followed by 136’19 (78.2%), before we test the 137’00 level again.

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart






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