30 Year T Bond AM Technical Analysis Report

bondtradingAbout Harry van Beuningen
Trade futures based on the 30 Year Treasury Bond (symbol zb), utilizing 5 and 30 minute charts. I use the Williams AO Oscillator in combination with AGET StoRSI and MACD to generate entry signals. Very short term trades, averaging 5 to 6 signals a day.

February 8th, 2012


Only item of interest for bond traders is the 10 Year Note Auction at 13:00. Speaking to day, we have Williams at 10:40.

The daily chart shows that we are at an interesting juncture, where we can expect some resistance. The 30 minute chart indicates that 141’23 might be a potential turning point.

30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart














30 Year Treasury Bond Futures Chart















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