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Marc Prosser  

Prior to founding Bond Moves and Learn Bonds, Marc served as publisher for DailyFX, the leading online forex new and analysis website.

Senior Contributing Writer – Municipal Bonds

Tedra DeSue

Tedra is a professional journalist with a decade of experience reporting on fixed income for Bond Buyer.

Independent Contributors

Ali Cagdas Tuna

Professional Futures and Options Trader

Harry van Beuningen

Independent Futures Trader

Mike Higgs

Bond ETF Trader

Contributors Publishing Under Pseudonyms

The Financial Lexicon

Most popular provider of bond related articles on Seeking Alpha.

The Masked Investor

Author of the Life, Investments, & Everything Blog.

Organizations Contributing Content

Stephen Smart, CFA  

Carolina Capital Markets

Matt Tucker, CFA

iShares / BlackRock

Joeff Hall

IFR Markets

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The CME Group

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